My hobby

Eat Better, Live Better. With AMC

Cooking is my passion. That's why the unique taste experiences I can achieve with the AMC cooking system have convinced me.

So much so that I have become an AMC consultant myself, in order to convince people of the safe and healthy cooking method.

We can arrange a cooking show at your place or mine and arrange it according to your wishes.
I offer the following topics:

Roasting without adding fat - for healthy enjoyment of meat, fish and vegetarian dishes
  • Cooking without adding water - for gentle cooking of vegetables and fruits
  • Quick cooking, steaming, baking and gratinating, open frying, deep frying - all with the innovative and healthy AMC cooking method
As an AMC consultant, according to your wishes we can arrange an appointment for the cooking show at your place or mine.

I offer the following topics:
  • Healthy vegetable preparation
  • Healthy meat preparation
  • And much more

You are welcome to contact me via the contact form.

Alternatively, you can reach me directly at the following number and email address:
Tel: 079 897 1000